This is where we will feature images associated with this project, including images submitted by you! The images we are currently making and collecting include any images which suggest everyday sounds in some way, as well as other kinds of images suggested on our participate! pages.

Check out our cakes!

Cakes covered in icing with fantastical reality radio show and mundane appreciation logos

Featured submission: Musical Chairs Score created at EXPO using our Everyday Sound Score generator!

You can hear the sounds Drew recorded based on this image, on our Listen page.

musical chairs score featuring chairs printed on manuscript paper


Featured submission: Coloured-in washing-up image created by participants in our SLOUNGE event at the Vaults Cafe, Oxford. Thanks to all who came!

coloured-in washing-up page

Featured submissions: Contributions to the Mundane Appreciation Museum

Rachael Matthews helped us to develop the Mundane Appreciation Museum by tagging these post-it-notes in her shop. If you would like to participate in the Mundane Appreciation Museum, contact us and we will send you some tags. Tag something, then photograph the tagged item and mail us the photo... couldn't be simpler!

Mundane Appreciation Museum submission #5

Mundane Appreciation Museum submission #5

Mundane Appreciation Museum submission #5

Tim Hand of OCM and other participants in our SLOUNGE event also contributed some excellent items to the Mundane Appreciation Museum:

Many thanks to Meraud for the great photos of these!

a glass jug featured in the Mundane Appreciation Museum

oxford suace featured in the Mundane Appreciation Museum

Featured Submission: Susi in Arizona

We are currently featuring these images and descriptions of the everyday soundscape from Susi in Arizona. Thanks Susi!

* the sqeaky, whiny, click clack of the garage door opening. Usually this means someone has come home (or going out!) When someone is coming home, all 5 dogs run to the door to the garage, raising a cacaphony of barking, yelping, and howling. Loud and obnoxious , but fun to listen to at the same time. Someone's is usually shouting, "Daddy's home!" at the same time.

Susi's garage door opening

* the quiet rippling of water passing along the street, from the neighbor washing his truck

Water trickling down the street from the neighbour washing his car

* the rustling of the leaves as the breeze passes through

The tree with its leaves rustling in the wind