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If you can't listen to Radio Reverb at 3pm on Fridays, you can download our shows here and listen to it on your mp3 player or computer. Each show will become available online shortly after it has been broadcast in Brighton. You can listen to individual sections and features of the show over on the features page of this site

Show1 - in show 1 you get to meet your presenters, hear some of our games, enjoy some perfect tea, listen to some adventures in washing up and journey through the sounds of Lara Clement's life! You'll also meet our featured artist, Adam Wimbush.

Show2 - show 2 is our office special. Listen to Adriano exploring the sounds of his office, experience the full force of the coffee machine outside Dr Paul Whitty's office, and hear our office postcards. There's more; you'll have to listen to hear it, though!

Show3 - show 3 is our EXPO special. Listen to us playing 'Try to name the object situation or location beginning with the letter on the spinner from only the sound' live at EXPO, talking with the public on the pressing issue of perfect tea and listening to the sunny Saturday street and the rainy Sunday Pavilion Gardens. You can also enjoy some very good seagull impressions on this show!

Show4 - show 4 is our domestic special. Full of tea, children, domestic noises, summer barbecue action and some lovely biscuit-eating techniques, this show features the home as its main sonic star!

Show5 - show 5 is our Grand Finale. Enjoy party poppers, conversations at parties about biros, a sound-parade featuring celebration noises, an interview with our top news and traffic contributor, Colin Bell, and many other sonic delights.

As part of show 5, we promised to give away the sound of Claudia making tea in Mexico! Here is that sound and here is a nice picture of the kettle featured in the recording.

kettle on hob

Listen to Drew's Musical Chairs Composition, sent in 3 parts to the Fantastical Reality Radio Show, and based on a score he made at our installation at EXPO!

Musical Chairs Score - manuscript paper covered in prints of chairs

Musical Chairs part 1

Musical Chairs part 2

Musical Chairs part 3

Listen to the full-length Adam Wimbush Interview, (Thanks Adam!) and the full-length sounds of your life feature, starring Lara Clements!

A Postcard I sent from Reading to Mexico

You can hear our individual sonic postcards from the first episode of The Fantastical Reality Radio Show, in which we each got a key cut and made a postcard of the experience.

Reading Postcard | Brighton Postcard | Mexico Postcard

Listen to our shorts!




Listen to 'The Dragon.' This recording was made by Felicity Ford when she walked across the bridge that goes over a weir, near to where she lives. The water is incredibly loud and the zig-zag lines of concrete over which the water thunders, are shaped like giant teeth. Because of the roar and the teeth, this is known as 'The Dragon.'

Water pouring overa weir in Reading, Berkshire, UK

Listen to Felicity Ford's audio profile! In it, you'll notice she mentions that hundreds and thousands sound better than they taste... what do you think?

microphone poised over a bowl filled with hundreds and thousands

In Kayla's audio profile we hear about the sound of her rifling through her handbag, and in Claudia's audio profile, we get to hear the sound of an egg frying.

Claudia's fried egg