Current participatory activities:

Do you want to take part in The Fantastical Reality Radio Show? Mundane Appreciation and Felicity Ford would love it if you would! And it's so easy to participate!

Participation Activity #1

Tip the contents of your handbag or rucksack onto any nearby surface and itemise its contents meticulously. List the inventory in an email and send to Await fame and glory. Photograph the contents of your handbag if you wish.

The contents of a random stranger's handbag

Participation Activity #2

Note an everyday sound that irritates you more than any other. A sound that makes you grind your teeth, perhaps, or forget what you were thinking about. If you want to take it to the next level, perhaps photograph the offending source to have your irritating noise and photo featured in our gallery. List irritating noises in an email to

Participation Activity #3

Think of a sound that you consider to be unutterably boring and tedious. The most boring sound you can think of. Name this sound in an email to We will make sure your listed sound is recorded and featured in our show!

a microphone recording the sound of a parking meter

Participation Activity #4

Detail a messy corner/drawer somewhere in your home or place of work that you consider to be noteworthy. It could be notable because of size, rarity of contents or length of tenure or it could be notable because you love it or had fun doing something else while it was accumulating. We want to know about your mess! Google 'Messy Tuesdays' for inspiration from craft bloggers everywhere who have joined the glorious trend of Messy Tuesdays. Become part of the joy and mail details of your mess and musings on its sonic potential to!

A photograph of a very messy household area

Participation Activity #5

Do you do a brilliant vocal impression of the dishwasher or of aeroplanes passing overhead? Can you fool your co-workers into thinking that the computer is on when it isn't using just your voice to impersonate the persistent hum of its fan? Do you pretend you are a washing-machine when you are rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth? If not, does the idea of trying it out appeal? If you do these, or similar, things, then there is a chance for you to shine! Tell us about it in an email to Prizes for the best vocal impersonator of everyday sounds.

Participation Activity #6

If you take a lot of photos why not consider taking a closeup of something that you see everyday in your home? We ask only that the photograph feature something you would consider to be a mundane feature of your surroundings. Every week we will change the background of our myspace to feature photos YOU have sent in! Simply email mundane closeups to and we will feature your photo on our Myspace page or in our gallery.

closeup of dishwasher controls

Participation Activity #7

Send us your news and traffic reports!

The Fantastical Reality Radio Show news report will cover the events normally considered too banal to be newsworthy. The studio broadcast regulations refute the inclusion of spoof news reports so absolutely everything that we report on must be an actual event; but so many amazing, mundane things take place throughout the day, I would be surprised if anyone fabricated a mundane news story! We are also compiling a what do you do to distract yourself in traffic report; What do you do when you are stuck in traffic?

Please email the most mundane happenings in your day and your self-distracting traffic-jam activities to

Example News Story

On May 19th at 9:30am, Mark Stanley became aware that his colleague Anthony Doyle had developed a frog in his throat, causing him to repeatedly but unsuccessfully attempt to clear it. "It's probably hay fever", said Mark,
"but it is irritating for all concerned."

Example traffic report

On Saturday the 10th May in completely solid traffic on the busy M4/A329 intersection in Reading, Felicity Ford compared the packaging design on two brands of chewing gum sitting on her dash to distract herself from the lack of movement taking place in the traffic jam. 'I had to move off before I could reach a decision as to which design I actually preferred,' she later mused.

You can download a word doc. here that will allow you to file your own news or traffic report! Simply download the form, fill it out and send it back to us as an email attachment.

Participation Activity #8

The act of making tea could be viewed as a kind of ready-made or found musical score containing different sections or ‘movements…’ there are the tiny sounds of the teabag going into the mug, the kettle switch being pressed down, and then the thunderous crescendo of the kettle boiling followed by the delicate sounds of water pouring and a teaspoon stirring gently against the cup or mug’s china surface. If one were to translate these sound events into something that is more recognisable as ‘music’ what would such music sound like? If you feel adventurous and would like to have a go at making 'the perfect cup of tea' musical recording, please send a wav. file recorded at 44.1khz and 16 bit stereo to via or similar system, with details of how you would like to be credited!

tea bag image