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Artists Felicity Ford, Kayla Bell and Claudia Figueiredo are teaming up this summer to bring you The Fantastical Reality Radio Show in association with Mundane Appreciation. The radio show has been commissioned by Brighton’s RadioReverb 97.2FM and will feature at the Sonic Arts Network EXPO 4 – 6 July 2008. The Fantastical Reality Radio Show will be broadcast on RadioReverb 97.2FM and will offer and fresh and celebratory view of everyday sounds.

The Fantastical Reality Radio Show aims to draw listeners into an entertaining exploration of ordinary audio. Ranging from a Top Annoying Domestic Noise Chart to games like Imitating household noises using just the voice, the radio show will excavate immediate situations for audio intrigue. Playfully collapsing the borders between what is normally considered to make ‘boring’ or ‘interesting’ listening, The Fantastical Reality Radio Show is intentionally affirmative and builds on the artists’ former experience of working on participatory projects.

Five shows in total will be recorded over the next couple of months and listeners will be able to submit their views, audio clips, images and opinions via this website. At the EXPO, Mundane Appreciation will be out in full force with roving investigators, an interviewing desk and a Game Show area where visitors will be able to join in and become a part of the show.

Felicity Ford is doing a PhD on The Domestic Soundscape and the presentation of everyday sounds to audiences. Mundane Appreciation, founded by Figueiredo and Bell in February 2007, is an agency devoted to promoting and exploring the processes of day-to-day life.

Having gathered recent professional experience showcasing their individual projects at events like The Battersea Affordable Art Fair (Mundane Appreciation) and The UK Stitch’n’Bitch Day (The Missability Radio Show) these artists are keen to see what happens when they match their skills and current fascination with everyday reality and interactive projects.

To speak to any of the artists involved or to get more information on this project, please email or telephone 078 3513 6201

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